Love them, so cute, want more. Last summer at dusk we started to feel like we were being watched. We looked up to the new fence holding all the turtles in and saw 5 baby owls sitting in a row. These are screech owls that stand 6 inches tall and they have a distinct sound you can listen to on All about Birds. They come out about with 10 minutes of light left to see them so viewing time is short. The Eastern screech-owl (Megascops asio) is fairly common in many states and lives in wooded areas. We have two undeveloped lots behind us with several old trees for owls. We also put up an owl house we purchased from that can also house Kestrels and are hoping that some of the babies will decide to stay. We have an overabundance of lizards, beetles and moths in the area, a staple to their diet. The owls stuck around for about 6-8 weeks last summer and we are hoping that we will see some more very soon. We have the house up and check it for unwanted residents like wasps. We hung the house 15 feet up in a tree and placed some guinea pig bedding in it so here’s keeping our fingers crossed!


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