Bat House

We bought a bat house and are anxiously awaiting the occupation of up to 250 bats in the yard. As you know Florida mosquitos are to be avoided. We have tried the natural lemon grass plants and mosquito plants and citronella without a ton of success. It is a catch 22 to spray up with insecticide or risk one of the many horrible mosquito-born illnesses. Depending on your internet source, bats either eat up to 1,000 mosquitos per hour or only eat mosquitos on accident with no proof that mosquitos are part of their diet. According to the Organization for Bat conservation bats eat up to their weight in insects nightly, including pesky mosquitos. They are mammals classified as chiroptera and benefit the environment in a number of ways including pollination, spreading of plant and flower seeds and helping limit insecticides for crops to flourish. Additionally, scientists have learned from their flight and sonar abilities. We hung a bat house 15-20 feet up on a tree without low braches. We occasionally check for unwanted wasps in the house. It can take up to 2 years to get a full house of bats, so be patient and keep the limbs cut back.